Our container from Bali has arrived!

The Bali container has been delivered and we now have more of our popular stone lamps, bowls and some exquisite handcrafted Tamarind wood furniture and painted recycled boat furniture in store.

In Bali we revisited the pork restaurant, Ibu Oka, in Ubud made famous by chef and author Anthony Bourdain. Did you know it's moved off the main street now? Beautiful building and food still OK but now that the restaurant is sited next to a ravine that is filled with rubbish, it was not nearly as pleasant as it once was.

Speaking of restaurants, there's a great Italian one in Seminyak.....blokes using the loo get to pee on ice and are given a warm hand towel afterwards to complete the treat! This was truly a unique experience, accordng to the Merchant who has had a few from around the world. We have been told there is a restarant in the Gulf that provides a similar service....anyone been there?

Stone lamps Bali


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